Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Working on it...

The past few days have moved SO slowly. Monster Boy is STILL battling whatever the heck it is that he has. The doctor's office was out of flu tests when we went in on Monday, so we have no idea if he has the swine flu or not. However, the doctor did say that their primary concern with swine flu is secondary infections - like bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. And Monster Boy was showing signs of a sinus infection, so they prescribed him an antibiotic to take care of that. It has been going slowly. My child who has NEVER fought taking a single medication in his life, has suddenly decided now, while he is so sick, that medicine is yucky. I am at a loss. He literally made himself throw up tonight while taking his antibiotic because "It tastes like soap, Mom." and then he promptly made himself gag so hard he threw up. Lovely. Last night it was the same thing with the Tylenol. I can't win. I went and got the chewable tablets, and those are going over SLIGHTLY better than the liquid I was using previously. It's still a fight, and he chants "Yuck, yuck, yucky" while taking them, but at least he takes them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed tightly, but so far, knock on wood, Miss Sunshine is not showing any signs of whatever the heck it is that Monster Boy has. In fact, the rest of the household is not showing any signs of anything. This may be due in large part to the fact that we are religiously washing our hands, using antibacterial gel, wiping down anything that can be wiped with Clorox wipes, and anything that can't be wiped is getting sprayed down with Lysol. Hopefully this is successfully killing off the bad germs. I changed his sheets and pulled his comforter off of his bed tonight to wash too since his room was starting to smell like sickness. I will wash those in HOT water, like I have all of our sheets and blankets that he has come into contact with. I sprayed down his pillows and mattress pad with Lysol before putting the new sheets on too, so hopefully that kills off any germs that might be hanging out in his bedding. His fever broke twice today, and each time it came back lower than before, so I am hoping that maybe this crud is on it's way out the door... because I just feel terrible for my poor little boy and want him to get better soon!

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