Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winter is on the way...

It is COLD here in the Heartland today. I am not ready for cold yet. Miss Sunshine is not big enough for her winter coat yet so the weather needs to hold off for a while!

We took Monster Boy to get his new coat yesterday. He outgrew last years coat, so this year we decided to go a size bigger than what he wears so he can use it next year too. He tried on a gazillion coats and informed us that he liked every one of them. I had to explain numerous times that he was only getting one coat. He finally settled on a green one because "Green is my favorite color, Mom." He sure looks cute in it. Now I just have to find some mittens, since the coat he picked came with a stocking cap and hood. Usually I buy crazy funky hats for him in the wintertime, but I don't think he is going to go for that this year. *Sniff*. So I'll have to move my funky hat obsession over to Little Miss Sunshine instead.

She is getting so big. Well, okay, it's relative. She's still teeny tiny for her age. But she is completely on track developmentally, which makes me feel good. She really started babbling this week - as much as she'll be able to until after her palate repair. It's pretty much "mamamama" non-stop now when she talks - unless she is yelling at you about something. And she does yell! It's pretty cute though so we'll let her keep doing it - haha. I'm going to try sippy cups again this week. I need to modify one for her and see how that works. She seems to like chewing on them okay, now we just need to get her to drink from them. One of the problems is that she is rather independent - she doesn't like letting us hold her bottles anymore. But the cups are too big for her to hold herself. I need to see if the spout will fit any of the cups with handles. Hopefully I will be able to find one that works. Just another thing to worry about.

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