Monday, February 11, 2013

All ears

So, life has been insane. 

Miss Sunshine is now FOUR.  Man, how time flies.  She's unbelievably cute (admittedly, I may be biased), way too smart for her own good, talking like a professional speaker, and generally driving us crazy.  She has imagination in spades, is in to all things princess, ponies and pink (and purple!).  I need to schedule her four year well child check, and her six month follow up with the ENT.  I am not looking forward to that appointment, as one ear is totally occluded with wax (her tube isn't even visible) and the tube has come out of the other ear, but is still sitting in her ear canal, trapped there by wads of wax.  She won't let me look at it for very long with the otoscope, and I'm not sure how to get that tube out of there.  She will NOT appreciate the ENT taking care of it either.  So, I'm not looking forward to that appointment.  I am hopeful that the ENT will let us go for a few months without replacing the tubes, to see if she develops fluid again.  I'm sure her ears would appreciate a break.

That's pretty much it for us right now.  Things are just crazy busy with school and work and school and all that extra stuff that comes with school-aged kids and college!