Sunday, October 11, 2009


So Miss Sunshine started running a low-grade fever yesterday. She was very fussy. But no ear pulling, runny nose, throwing up or anything of the kind. I think (or rather, HOPE) it's just teething. Today she's still running the fever (in between doses of Tylenol) but seems to be in a much better mood, which makes me hope that it really is just her teeth. It's very low, but still there. We wound up not going to church this morning because between the cold and her fever, I didn't want to take her out in case it was something more than just her teeth.

I'm a little bit frustrated with Daddy Mac today. Thursday was supposed to be my day "off". When he got home from work, I was going to go out shopping with a friend while he stayed home with the kids. Well, that didn't happen. It was cold and rainy and my friend didn't feel like going, so I wound up staying home. Then today, some of my friends were meeting at a sports bar to watch the football games. He was gone yesterday morning for a church deal, and last night for a work deal. So I was thinking that maybe I'd get some time to go out with my friends today since I didn't on Thursday. No such luck. I was only gone for two hours because he apparently has no patience to deal with the kids today since Sunshine is fussy and Monster Boy really wants Daddy to play with him. I am pretty annoyed right now. It's not like I ask for a whole lot. He plays volleyball every Tuesday night, so every Tuesday I am home with the kids alone from the time they get up until the time they go to bed. Plus, being at home with them all day long every day. And then on Saturday he was basically gone the ENTIRE day, and yet I can't get more than two hours of time to do something by myself? Seriously? Don't get me wrong, he is a great dad, and a great husband and I know I am extremely lucky to have him. But sometimes, I just want to smack him upside the head and make him realize how much I NEED time to myself! I have to leave the house to get it, because even if I'm supposed to be having me time and I'm in the house, he'll ignore Monster Boy or Miss Sunshine and I'll wind up taking care of one of them instead of taking care of me. So I really need that time away so I don't go insane, and lately I am not getting it. So frustrating. Anyways, that's my little vent for the day!

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