Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toothy Tuesday!

Little Miss Sunshine cut her first tooth today! She had her hands in her mouth all morning so I decided to do some investigating, and sure enough, there it was, right through the gum! You can't see it yet, but you can definitely feel it! Took her long enough...

In other news, we are struggling with her speech. She has the appropriate number of words for her age and so she is not TECHNICALLY speech-delayed. HOWEVER, she does not say consonants other than M, N, and W sounds. This is an issue. Both the speech therapists at Shriner's and our local speech therapist here from Rainbows United have said that they would expect more consonant sounds out of her at this point - specifically B, P and D sounds. And we've got NOTHING. She also is not doing much "responsive" speech, other than the words she already knows. If you try to get her to mimic "baby", for example, she just looks at you like you are crazy and goes and gets her baby doll. Not a peep will come from her. Now, she'll spout off "mama" and "more" for you no problem, but good luck getting much else. We did get her to say "uh-oh" during her speech therapy this last week, and she's been saying it continually ever since, which is great!, but still not where we want her to be. At this point, we are trying to stay away from being overly aggressive, but we also want to keep her speech at least age appropriate and prevent her from falling behind. Our speech therapist here gave us some good ideas to work with and will be back in two weeks to check on our progress - hopefully in that time we can squeak an "up" or a "baby" out of her!

On the agenda for tomorrow are some fun activities with the kids - Monster Boy located a large box that he can fit inside of and it's now his "secret hideaway" as he calls it. I told him we could decorate it with markers and paints tomorrow - so that is on the agenda... Said box will then be making it's way into the basement playroom so it does not take up so much space in our living room. Also, tomorrow is on the schedule for Easter Egg time! Who knows whether that will happen or not - it may get postponed to Thursday...

I'll be selling some handmade wares of mine in a local craft show in May, and if that goes well, my stepmother and I will be joining forces on Etsy (where she already has a tie-dyed baby clothes site!) to sell a few things on there... I've been working on stuff slowly but surely lately, hoping to build up a stash and get things going. Our ultimate goal is to find a way for me to continue to stay home with the kids until Monster Boy starts kindergarten (sniff!) in the fall, at which time we are hopeful I may be able to go back to school as well... I've been applying for several jobs in the area without much response, so we feel more and more as though this "going back to school" thing is really what is meant to happen. Of course, in order for that to happen, Daddy Mac has to find a steady form of income or I have to find a way to bring more money in. I've applied for a few part time positions to see if maybe I can get a leg up there and at least get SOME money coming in, and am hoping perhaps this Etsy shop will be another answer for us. We will have lots of fun and exciting items for sale - and as soon as things are set up and running I'll throw you all a link and maybe a button or two! So keep your eyes peeled for that one! I'm hoping to get some more followers going on here as well, so hey, recommend me to your friends! If I can get enough of a following going, there might be some giveaways in it for you!

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