Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is what you would call a DELUGE...

So, all of our plans for the day got scrapped. Ugh.

We have been down to one vehicle for the last two weeks, as my husband's car just refused to start one day. So Daddy Mac has been taking my van to work, coming home at lunch and picking up Monster Boy to take him to school, and then leaving work early to pick up Monster Boy from school and bringing him home. I needed the van today to run some errands, so Miss Sunshine and I went with them to take Monster Boy to school and then dropped Daddy Mac off at the office while I ran my errands. The original plan was to pick him up from the office after getting Monster Boy from school - well he called and said he was going to get a ride from someone at the office and to just head home instead. Well, I went home and stopped to get the mail on the way. I get back in the van to start it back up and drive the half a block to our house, and the van won't start! I called Daddy Mac, he got a ride right then, they tried to jump the van with no luck and we wound up pushing it down the street to the house. A friend of ours came over to look at the van, and we all immediately though the battery was bad. After a battle to pull the battery out of the van, we took it up to the parts store to have them test it. Nothing wrong with the battery, so now we don't know WHAT is wrong with the van. We were able to jump the car and currently have it hooked up to a battery charger, hoping and praying that will be all it takes to get it back on the road at least temporarily until we can get the van running again... hoping being the operative word there.

I think we've bypassed pour and are full on into monsoon at this point...

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