Monday, March 1, 2010

A few Big Changes...

and some little ones.

I've been reading some other blogs in the last few days, and finding myself inspired to make changes. While I may not agree on all levels with some beliefs on these blogs (because, let's be real, who REALLY agrees with another person 100% of the time?), I found some ideas very interesting. And after taking a step back and looking at some things in our lives, decided to make some changes.

Not going in to a lot of detail here, but things have been a struggle around our home the last few months. Between my layoff, Daddy Mac's layoff and new, commission only, job, we are feeling the strain financially. So far we've been able to keep our heads above water, but we are treading pretty furiously at this point. And are at a loss as to what to do to resolve it. I could return to work. The downside to that being that, A) It would require putting our children back in daycare and B) me finding a job that pays enough to pay for daycare and still bring in at least what I have been receiving in unemployment, because otherwise, why am I going back to work again? We've been looking at many different options. Tomorrow I will be calling our state health department as well as Social Services to find out exactly what all the requirements are to become a licensed, SRS approved in-home daycare. Perhaps this is the answer we are looking for. That remains to be seen. Our - or at least my (with full and loving support of my husband) dream was to go back to school to get my nursing degree. It is looking more and more likely that will not be even remotely possible, but I do still plan to meet with advisers at several local schools to see what it might entail and how remote the possibility truly is... But all this stress has put stress on us. Our relationship is strong, and we know we will make it through, but a stressed out Mommy and Daddy of course puts stress on the children as well. Our marriage is not in crisis. Please do not think that. If anything, this will bring us closer together. But finding time to DE-Stress, and figuring out a way to resolve the issue, we are struggling with that a bit.

Another issue we have been struggling with is Monster Boy's behavior of late. While I affectionately call him Monster Boy on here, that is not necessarily indicative of his behavior. Except recently. The green eyed monster is coming home to roost in my little boy, I am afraid. He was the star of the show for so very long, and initially Miss Sunshine didn't interfere too much in that position, but now that she requires so much more direct attention, it seems to be affecting him pretty heavily.

To that end, as well as to others (like the lack of quality family time we spend together), Daddy Mac and I made the decision to remove the TV from our living room this week. And acted on that immediately. We have gone from a three TV to a two TV household, and so far all indications are the difference will be huge. For one thing, it frees up an AMAZING amount of space in our living room. For another, out of necessity, because there is no longer a television to "conveniently" turn on, we are spending more time paying attention to each other, and our children. And Monster Boy is pleased as all get out with the change as well, despite my reservations that he would be upset by it (have I mentioned he does NOT deal well with change in any capacity?).

We are also spending time EVERY DAY at the gym. Monster Boy and Miss Sunshine get to play with other kids in the "play place" as Monster Boy calls it, while Mommy gets a (MUCH NEEDED) break from both kids and time to concentrate on HER. Our routine got a bit interrupted by our trip to Chicago and Miss Sunshine's subsequent bug (which I have a sneaking suspicion has been passed on to me!), but I am hopeful (depending on how I feel tomorrow, with said bug and all...) to get back to that routine this week. AND I signed Monster Boy up for swimming lessons each and every Tuesday - Mommy will work out for half an hour (instead of my typical one and a half hours) and then snag Monster Boy out of the play place and head to the pool for some Mommy/Monster Boy time. We are both very much looking forward to it.

I certainly hope that as the days wear on, I will have many positive effects from our changes to update you all with!

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