Monday, January 3, 2011

Get down with the sickness

The plague has hit our household. And it is EVIL.

It started with Miss Sunshine, New Years Eve morning. She threw up. Just a little milk, since that was all she'd had at that point. After throwing up (all over MY bed, no less) she acted perfectly normal - I gave her some watered down juice to see if she could keep that down, which she did. So then we moved to crackers. Okay there. So by lunchtime it was life as usual. I figured maybe when she was drinking the milk it just went down the wrong way or something and caused her to gag and throw up, and that she wasn't really sick.

Then, around 1:30 am on New Years Day, Monster Boy decided to get into the action. He threw up a lot more. A lot longer. And felt miserable the whole day after that. I was going to keep the kids home. But my grandmother was having people over and she begged. "If he isn't throwing up anymore and he feels up to it, you should bring them over." Monster Boy insisted he wanted to go. I caved to pressure and took them, against my better judgement. He spent most of the day asleep in one of the guest bedrooms.

It hit me that night. I spent a miserable night wracked with chills, and very little sleep, alone in my bed. Daddy Mac slept on the couch to try to give me space, and avoid getting it himself. Alas, it was not enough. Late yesterday afternoon, he was struck as well. And I found out that my mother, and two of my cousins also wound up with it. Misery, and it's my fault it spread everywhere - because had I kept the kids home, I would have kept it confined to my house. SIGH. Now I feel really badly about all this.

On the bright side, we are all pretty much back to normal. Daddy Mac is still feeling slightly icky in his words, but nothing like yesterday. At least it moves quickly. SIGH. The joys of kids. And illness. Or not.

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