Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye old year...

Hello, new one!

2010 was a bit of a rough year for our family - between job difficulties for Daddy Mac, financial difficulties as a result of those job difficulties, surgery and following therapies for Miss Sunshine, the list goes on. We weathered the trials and have faith that with the new year will come better news for all of us.

It's a time of new beginnings. Many people talk about making resolutions. The thing about these New Year Resolutions, however, is that many do not stick. Oh sure, people do great for the first month or three, but somewhere around Easter, our resolve weakens and slowly but surely those resolutions slip out the window.

You may have noticed that I have not done such a good job of keeping up the blog with my weight loss journey, as I vowed to do back at the beginning of November. Well, the honest truth is that I simply haven't done anything to blog about. All my grandiose plans for change? Well, life pretty much got in the way. However, I am not longer going to let that pass for an excuse.

The time has come, my friends. The time to change. To make myself, my life, what I have wanted it to be. To that end, I present, not my resolutions, but my life-changes:

Lose the weight. That pretty much says it all. I've researched available classes that will fit in with my work and life schedule at the gym, and I am determined to make this work. I am stocking up on good munchies, like veggies, to try and curb my desire for more food so I can reduce my portion sizes at meals and not still feel hungry. I will go to the gym daily - sometimes just for some time on the elliptical, sometimes to take a class of one type or another, sometimes to lift some weights. But the time has come.

Lose the stress. This may be my hardest goal. I have always been a high-stress person. Even things that really don't deserve to be stressed about have a way of driving me nuts. I'm hoping to find that center of balance, that will allow me to take some deep breaths and let go. It's going to take a lot of work, and I know it.

Get organized. We are in the process of finishing off the soon-to-be-toyroom bedroom in our basement. ALL of the kids toys (well, the ones we are keeping at any rate) will be going in this room. I will be getting rid of a large portion of toys - I have no intention of moving toys into this room that do not get played with. It's time for them to get out of my house. I have already gone through the kids clothing and pulled all clothes that no longer fit from their closets and dresssers. Some items will be kept in storage (each child has a large tub for their old clothes that I'm not quite ready to part with) and others will find their way to the DAV. I will also be going through my own clothing, as well as Daddy Mac's. Once this is completed, it will be on to our storage room. We both have a bad habit of holding on to things we really don't need. That time is over. I did a purge in June when we held our garage sale, but it seems like already things are getting out of control again. So it's time now to get serious and get this stuff out of my house and out of my life.

Be Happy. This is my final goal. Be happy. Who cares what I am happy with? Who cares if the carpet needs vacuumed? I can be happy that the kitchen is clean. Who cares if I need to lose weight? I can be happy that there is food on the table to eat. Who cares if Miss Sunshine needs another surgery? I can be happy that I have a happy, healthy child. And so on and so forth. Does this mean I will just dismiss those concerns? Certainly not. But I can strive to be happy in spite of them. I'm halfway there. Time to get rid of my negativity and work on the positivity.

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