Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Miss Sunshine turns two in three weeks and six days.

Yes, you read that right. In less than a month, my baby girl will be TWO. Um, excuse me, but where the heck have the last two years gone?

We are also only ten days away from one year since her palate repair. She is doing so well, and has come so far. We only hope and pray that her progress continues on track and that other medical intervention becomes unneeded.

But, in the meantime, as I wait to hear back from Shriner's as to when they want to see her for her one year post-op (which could be anytime from next week until March, from what I have been told), it hit me today that the reality is more that I only have three weeks to get the ball rolling on her birthday party!

I hate planning parties, just so you know. Hate it with a passion, honestly. But, ah, such is life. And so now, I must begin the rather tedious task of figuring out what kind of party we want to have, when we want to have it, get invitations printed (or written, depending on what we decide to do) and mailed out, figure out something to give this child who needs absolutely nothing (and certainly does not need more toys!) and get a cake and all that other fun stuff. And maybe, hopefully, get our carpets cleaned before then too, because man, are they atrocious.

But, just for that, and for the fact that I'm feeling a bit sad tonight that my baby is very nearly not a baby anymore, here is a recent pic of the ornery little booger for you.

Miss Sunshine, in all her glory (and her Little Miss Sunshine diaper... because no way could I resist that one... )

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