Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Growing up

My little girl is growing up so fast.

We've apparently decided that speech therapy is overrated, and have skipped straight past all our speech delays and right on into being advanced for speech. Phrases and sentences are popping out all over the place. Our current favorite thing to do is identify everything. By this, I mean that Miss Sunshine has to label things. "That's Brother's coat. That's Baby's room. That's Mommy's drink. That's Daddy's pillow" (Note, she does say her brother's name, and refers to herself by her name - I just prefer not to use them on my blog for privacy reasons.)

While this is very cute, it can also be very annoying - as many of you parents with small children can sympathize. But I try to look at the joy in it instead - six months ago, we were so worried about her speech, and now she's just flying. Sometimes an interpreter is necessary, still, but that is not unusual with children of this age.

She's also getting SO tall. She's grown nearly three inches in the last three months. Of course, we are getting growing pains along with this, and frequently Miss Sunshine will drop what she's doing, start crying and inform us "Legs hurt. Mommy, legs HURT." and rub her knees. I mentioned this to the doctor yesterday, and while he does want to keep an eye on it, he did say that he'd be MORE concerned if she was complaining of pain in her hips. So for now, we are going to watch, and see if the complaints increase, see if she continues to grow, and we will follow up at the end of February when she goes in for her two year old well-child check up.

I only have one week left, and then my little girl will be TWO! She'll be defined by how many YEARS old she is, instead of how many MONTHS. I am saddened by this. I am not ready for my babies to grow up, and Monster Boy already seems to be on flash forward. Getting ready for school this morning, we discovered he's outgrown yet another pair of uniform pants. I just can't believe how quickly they are both growing up, and I just want them to slow down a bit. I'm not ready for my babies not to be babies anymore, and I've only got about a week left!

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