Monday, January 10, 2011

What was I thinking?

You may have gathered by now that I work in the drop-in nursery at a local gym. Or, well, if you hadn't gathered, I guess I just told you, didn't I?

At any rate, that is where I work. I am sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that this time of year is pretty much insanity at my job. You know, New Years brings out the best of intentions in all of us, and in most of the population, it seems, getting healthy and working out is A number 1. So, it follows we would see an increase in traffic at our happy little nursery. And we have. And my manager called me up last week to ask if she added another shift if I would be willing to cover it. And also help out with the Mom's Day Out program as well. And crazy old me said yes.

What was I thinking? Going from not working at all, to only working a couple of days a week, to now working EVERY day? Granted, they are still only 3.5-4 hour shifts. But seriously. Where the heck was my head on that one? I'm going to be flat out exhausted by the time next week rolls around. Not to mention not having real time to get anything else finished around here, like, you know, that basement playroom we have had under construction for what is beginning to feel like forever now. SIGH.

I suppose I was thinking "Oh, extra money, that's good." Only, it's really not. Because, see, since I only work part time, I currently still qualify for unemployment. But this increase in hours is going to eat into the amount of unemployment I get each week. I think I actually may wind up with less money. Isn't that a kicker? Ah well. It's only temporary - when people slowly begin to lose their resolve somewhere around Easter, I will also lose my extra shifts. It's okay, though. I'll make it through. At least Monster Boy is excited that he gets to go to the gym some more...

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