Saturday, July 3, 2010

Of tents and tunnels...

Our week has been non-stop. And Little Miss Sunshine has apparently come down with either allergies or a cold. We have one heck of a stuffy, runny nose today. No fever, knock on wood, and she's a bit whiny, but not lethargic or otherwise sick-acting. So I'm hoping for allergies. We are supposed to go to a barbeque tonight at the house of some friends we haven't seen in nearly a year. Hopefully she wakes up from her nap still fever-free so that we can go.

Last night, my grandmother bought the kids a little play tent and tunnel set. Naturally, Monster Boy wanted it set up as soon as we got it home. Not being in the mood to argue, I obliged him. He and Miss Sunshine had a blast running (well, okay, CRAWLING) through the tunnel over and over again, until I informed them it was bedtime.

Well past bedtime, if you want the honest truth. Monster Boy then campaigned to sleep in said tent instead of his bed. Again not in the mood to argue, I moved the tent into his bedroom and he slept in there with his pillow and blanket last night. Shortly after I put him to bed, he came out to request that I have Daddy Mac come give him hugs and kisses when he got home (he was out fishing with our "brother-in-law"). As he headed back down the hallway towards the tent, he stops short and says to me, " Wait! How will Dad know where I am when he gets home?". I was vastly amused by this statement as the tent took up pretty much all the floor space available in his bedroom, but I refrained from chuckling at him, and instead reassured him that I would tell Daddy he was sleeping in the tent so he would know where he was. Suitably reassured, Monster Boy headed back to bed, and slept in that tent all night long.

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