Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Okay, Okay...

I am REALLY bad about posting pictures. I realize this. My excuse these days is lack of a working camera other than the one in my cell phone. Not much of an excuse, I know. But it's the one I'm working with.

I know I promised pics of Little Miss Sunshine a few days ago. I'm finally getting around to getting them up for you - aren't you happy now?

Miss Sunshine LOVES to climb on things. The, well, whatever it was, in our hotel room was no exception... I don't know how many times I took her down off that thing during our stay... I did mention that while she likes to climb UP on things, she hasn't quite gotten the getting DOWN part yet, didn't I?

Another love of ours these days is Mommy's purse. I cannot leave that thing anywhere CLOSE to within her reach, or the contents will be scattered near and far. I even had to go get a new wallet because she figured out how to open mine, and I spent the better part of a day searching for where she hid my Driver's License.

And let's not forget cell phones. I mean, really, what toddler DOESN'T love cell phones? Miss Sunshine is drawn to them like... well, that metaphor isn't really appropriate for this post... but she's drawn to them. This is an old phone I had in my purse which she helped herself to. On the bright side, she kept putting it up to her ear and saying "ah-oh", which I believe was "Hello" in Sunshine speak. Because it wasn't "Uh-oh" which she says perfectly... So technically she has a new word in her vocabulary. Along with down, which is a necessity, since, as I previously mentioned, she can't get herself down off of things she climbs on. Well, she could, she just hasn't realized that yet, so she won't...

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