Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here, there and everywhere...

We have been on the GO the last few days. Crazy business going on around here.

I feel like I am getting buried under housework. I'll be up front here - I HATE CLEANING. With a passion, in case you couldn't tell. But, I also hate having my house dirty. Now, there is an IMPORTANT distinction here. I said "dirty". Clutter does not so much bother me - especially as I know that with two small children, clutter is inevitable. It's going to happen. But dirty, that is a whole different story.

I am about ready to throw in the towel, however. I cannot, for the life of me, keep this house clean. I don't understand why. Either Daddy Mac or I clean the kitchen DAILY - and yet, were you to walk into our house tonight, the kitchen is a mess. There is laundry (granted, clean, folded laundry, but still...) all over the living room couch, since it's Miss Sunshine's and she is in bed, therefore I cannot put it away. There are random toys scattered here and there. The ironing board is out, because heaven forbid my husband should put it or the iron away when he is done with them. And yet, somehow, I am the slob in the family. Yeah, that doesn't work in my head either. I estimate I spend roughly five hours of my day attempting some type of cleaning or another. But my house sure as heck doesn't look like it. What is up with that?

Daddy Mac is working lots of hours. While it is great that he has a job with a steady income, it is not so much great that I am now alone with the children even more. I seriously need a day off. It was supposed to be this Saturday, but now Daddy Mac has to work, so I don't get that break. Maybe next week. Maybe I can pawn the kids off on one of the grandparents for a day or two, and have some ME time. Because I am about at my wits end. There is no such thing as a break when you are a Stay At Home Mom. I love being home with my kids. But I would also love a day to myself every few weeks, and I haven't gotten that in I don't even KNOW how long. For the sake of my sanity, and my children, it needs to come SOON.

Other than that, things are going well :). Miss Sunshine talks more every day, Monster Boy is slowly beginning to listen better, and has had a pretty good week so far. I am hard at work trying to get my shop that I have been talking about for months up and running. I am about halfway through my inventory, I just need to sew up the last of the dresses, take some pictures and "open the doors" so to speak. I am really getting excited about this, and I am VERY hopeful that things will sell well, so I can perhaps contribute more to the household. We are slowly but surely starting to get back on solid ground financially, and if I can bring in more income, it would certainly make a big difference.

On that note, I am going to head to bed :).

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