Monday, June 14, 2010

One of these days...

We are having a garage sale next weekend.

On the one hand, I feel totally overwhelmed by the vast amount of STUFF we have and want to just pitch it all. But on the other hand, I realize that we have a lot of quality stuff (mainly baby/children's clothing, SIGH) that we can sell and make money off of. And we know we certainly need that these days...

So I spent a good portion of today cleaning out our laundry/storage/the place we just dump everything we don't want to deal with or are reluctant to get rid of room. It doesn't look like I've made much progress to see it, but compared to when I started, I've done some hefty weeding out of things.

I still have about five bags/bins of Monster Boy's clothes from the last five years to go through - I admit to having a hard time getting rid of those things... but I am making myself do it. Since we are still on the fence about a third child, I don't want to get rid of all of it, but I realize that there is no need for me to keep as much as I have... so tomorrow I shall wax nostalgic about how quickly my little boy has grown as I get rid of his clothes.

I have already done an overhaul of Miss Sunshine's wardrobe - and as there is four years less stuff, it was much easier to accomplish than the task I have set forth for tomorrow. But that must be done tomorrow so that Tuesday I can go through my library of books and eliminate at least half of those, and the rest of the week shall be dedicated to pricing and setting up the sale.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it to make it out of this one alive...

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