Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wait for it... wait for it...

You've got it!

Welcome to my official 100th post! Hip Hooray!

Probably not such a big deal to some of you "professional" bloggers out there, but I find it rather exciting!

As I type this, I am sweltering on my living room couch, enjoying the last of my time with a laptop. That's right - I soon will be reduced to strictly desktop usage again. *sniff*. The laptop is Daddy Mac's work computer, and as his intention is to leave his company at the end of the month, the laptop shall be returned to them.

As crazy as that may sound to some of you - it really is the best decision for our family. At this point it is literally COSTING US money for him to work where he is at now. With an already reduced income, that just really isn't in the line of feasibility for us these days. He is actively searching for a new job, and his current boss is aware of this - which is why I feel comfortable writing about this here. Thank heaven for small favors, at least, that my unemployment was extended. MY job search has also been to no avail. I have applied for at least one job per day for the last month, and have not had a single response from ANY of them. Hopefully I will begin to hear back soon, or Daddy Mac will find a good paying position that will allow us to get caught up without me finding employment. Either one would work for me at this point. Something's got to give, right?

In other news, Monster Boy decorated his newly painted walls with green marker yesterday. I wanted to wring his little neck. He is certainly aware that coloring on walls is not allowed in our house. Lucky for him, they were washable markers and I had to foresight to get satin finish paint, so it came right off when he scrubbed it. Yes - I made HIM clean it up. He has also had all toys removed from his room and has lost all TV privileges indefinitely. Hopefully something will get through to him because I am at my wits end. This all stemmed from the fact that he literally spent ALL DAY yesterday in his room, where he was SUPPOSED to be cleaning up, but instead was making a bigger mess and wreaking havoc on his walls. *Sigh*.

Thursday night we are headed to Kindergarten Round-up. I can't believe he is big enough for this already - I very nearly cried today when I realized it. We will be moving him to another parochial school closer to our house - which he is not very happy about because he wants to go to school with his friends, but in the long run it is a better decision for our family. The new school is one of the best in town, I have personal experience with the priest who is WONDERFUL and SO good with children, and it is MUCH MUCH closer than the school we currently have him at. The school he is currently at is clear across town - very close to where I used to work. Since I no longer work there, having him so far away for school is becoming very inconvenient. I am sad that he will miss his little friends that he has gotten so close to over the past two years, but we will have to settle for having play dates and such instead. It really is just a better option on so many levels to have him at a school closer to our house. Especially if I am going back to work, because it is also closer to Grandma and Grandpa's, and Great-Grandma's, so we will have options as far as picking up and after school care. He makes friends very easily, so I am confident that the move will not be horribly disruptive to him.

Miss Sunshine has become Miss Daredevil in the past few days. She managed to take a header out of her high chair yesterday morning and you'd think that after that she would have stopped trying to climb out of it - but no ma'am - she was right back at it again this morning. She is also becoming quite the chatterbox. Still only M and N consonants, but she will yell and yell at you to make her feelings known on any number of subjects - it's quite entertaining.

And now I am off to watch Biggest Loser and enjoy my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard... Good night all!

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