Thursday, April 29, 2010

I wish I had never heard of

Transformers. ACK! Monster Boy is BEYOND obsessed with Transformers. I feel like they have taken over our lives some days.

Of course, this obsession has prompted some pretty cute statements out of him, so I suppose I can be thankful for that.

The other day, we were having a conversation in which he informed me he wanted to be a police officer when he grows up. The next morning, I get informed "I am not going to be a police officer anymore." When I asked why, he tells me "Well, Police Officers sometimes have to work at night, and so do Superhero's, and I'm going to be a Superhero, so I can't be a Police Officer." UMMMM, Okay, you let me know how that one works out for you there, kiddo...

After one of our MANY marathon debates about whether Transformers are fictional characters (yes, he know what fiction and non-fiction mean, and uses them!) I was informed "No, Mom, I KNOW they are real. I wished to God for him to make them real, so they are really here." Oh, if only everything we wished to God happened like that!

Then he asks me who is in charge of all of our armies and police and the Transformers (You cannot escape them in our house, I swear!). I told him the President was in charge of our military. He replies "Well, I guess I will just have to be the President when I grown up then, since I'm going to be in charge of all the armies and the Transformers and all the Superhero's." Well, I guess if you HAVE to, son...

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS Miss Sunshine is not old enough to talk yet... Anyone with older children know when this obsession phase will pass?

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