Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teeny Tiny...

So Little Miss Sunshine had her 9 month check up today - a week late, but never the less, it is done. She weighed in at 13lbs 12 oz. I was not very happy about that. After some discussion, we have determined that the best option at this point is to increase the caloric intake she is getting from the bottles by adding formula to the breast milk to increase the number of calories. Hopefully this will help her gain. Up until now, she's been maintaining a curve - granted, she hasn't really been on a curve, but creating her own, but maintaining a curve. So the doctor hasn't been overly worried about her weight gain. However, this check, she actually dropped down instead of maintaining, so he has some concern. Not enough to make us bring her back in for a weight check - he feels that it is primarily related to her cleft and that until she has the palate repair we won't see a huge difference. Hopefully increasing the calories in her bottles will help until that point.

Monster Boy did good at the doctor's office today, right up until the point that he pushed Miss Sunshine while she was sitting on the exam room floor (the doctor wanted to see her sit unsupported, which she did, and then went for her bottle in the diaper bag and Monster Boy was trying to stop her) and caused her to hit her head on the hard floor. She was fine, but still. I don't know what his deal was. And he kept interrupting me while I was talking to the doctor, which was seriously starting to make me angry. Once we left, though, he was fine. I think from now on I will try to find someone to watch him during her doctor's appointments.

On a side note - I bought this foam 3D puzzle type thing for Monster Boy to put together - it's a farm. I thought it looked like fun and something he would enjoy doing with me. This thing SUCKS! Do NOT, I repeat, do not, purchase these. They are horrible to put together because they do not come with directions, the pieces don't actually fit together, and once you do manage to get them wedged together, they don't stay together. This thing has been a nightmare for the last two days in our household - especially since Monster Boy really wants to put it together and play with it, which in turn causes it to fall apart again. It is a vicious cycle... Anyways, that's my PSA for the month!

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