Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stuffy noses and other such fun...

Phew. It's been a while. Seems like we make one step forward only to take two back. So in the last six weeks, we have spent four of them with at least one day of each week caring for one sick child or the other. I visited our doctors office every other week in that period of time. I would be happy to report that our last visit was for Miss Sunshine's nine month check up and that we are now illness free, except that Miss Sunshine decided to come down with a cold after our last doctor's visit! We are down to a stuffy, runny, icky nose at this point, but still...

Here is a run down of the last two months in our household:
Week One : Miss Sunshine runs a high fever. After a visit to the doctor, we determine, courtesy of the tell-tale rash, that she has roseola.
Week Two: Monster Boy runs a fever for one day. Then has a cough and hoarse voice for the rest of the week.
Week Three: Monster Boy runs a high fever for six days. On day three we visit the doctor, who votes for a sinus infection. I am more convinced it was flu, but probably not H1N1 as there was no respiratory involvement.
Week Four: We manage to amazingly stay illness free, unless you want to count the migraine with nausea that Mommy had on Thursday causing Daddy Mac to come home from work early.
Week Five: Miss Sunshine has her well-child check - weighs in at a whopping 13lbs 12 oz. 26 inches long. Weight has become a real concern now. After some discussion with the doctor, we decide to start adding formula to her breast milk bottles to try and increase her calorie intake. We also introduce Oatmeal to her diet - which is a HUGE hit. We discover that thicker foods seem to work better for her and she is much more likely to eat them. The doctor says not to overly worry about her weight as he feels it is cleft related, however we do need to do something to try to stop her backwards slide on the curve. Mommy stresses out over Miss Sunshine's weight and begins researching options, but refusing to stop pumping. We increase food intake, maintain bottle intake with the increased calories, and keep our fingers crossed it will make a difference soon!
Week Six: Miss Sunshine wakes up Monday morning with a low grade fever and stuffy, runny nose. Call the doctor just to make sure we don't need to be concerned, they say probably a cold and to keep an eye out - if fever still present after 24 hours, bring her in. Fever goes away, nose gets worse before getting better. Mommy sends Daddy Mac out to buy a new humidifier and vapor bath, since Monday and Tuesday night Mommy got roughly 4 hours of sleep total. Humidifier seems to make a difference, and Miss Sunshine is back to sleeping through the night. Still has a stuffy, snotty nose, but not nearly as bad as it was. Keeping our fingers crossed that everyone is now on the mend!

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