Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have long written poems.

I have notebooks FULL of poetry I have written over the years. Writing has always been an outlet for me, as far as emotions go, and my poems tend to reflect this. Sometimes upbeat, sometimes angst-ridden.

I have not written poetry in a very long time. Perhaps it is because, even with the roller coaster we have been through the last two years, my life is on the most even keel it's been in a very long time. Perhaps it is due to inner peace that I haven't realized I have achieved. Perhaps it is simply a lack of time. For whatever reason, poetry has slid by the wayside in my life.

Realizing that today took me aback. Long have words been an important part of my life, and poetry the most important aspect of that. Where did my poetry go? Thinking about this in the car, on the way home from the zoo of all places, immediately, the cadence and rhythm popped in to my head. And I realized - I have a medium for this now. Those poems which have spent so much time getting dusty in notebooks, can be read now. Digested, pondered, heard.

I will periodically start putting posts up that are simply poems. Poems that are new, poems I wrote years ago. I hope they bring you some level of enjoyment as they have brought such to me.

So, here is your first taste. (And yes, I am writing this off the cuff, now, as I write this blog post.)


Perhaps my life is not angst filled enough for you.
I'm not urban,
or cultured.
Driven by a monster unseen,
by a past I cannot escape or
a future that seems impossible to achieve.
Rather, I am just me.
But the words inside me
beg to be let out.
They pour
like ink
from my fingertips
across the blank pages
of my life.
A rhythm,
A cadence,
a silent melody
of experience,
love and loss.
is the music of my soul.

(For legal purposes, here is my disclaimer: This is an original work by this author. This work may not be published, reproduced or otherwise copied without express written permission.)

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