Friday, November 5, 2010

Still being thankful.

Today was fraught with insanity. (Oh, how I love busting out my mental thesaurus!)

Our thermostat in our house has been on the fritz. I cannot set the heat above 68 degrees, and if I try to, I get (not so) cool blue sparks coming out of it. We decided it was time for a new thermostat. On top of that, Monster Boy is in desperate need of new uniform pants for school since he underwent a sudden growth spurt about two weeks ago.

So today, after I dropped Monster Boy off at school, Miss Sunshine and I headed off on our adventure. First stop was a local (okay, really a LARGE national chain) home supply warehouse. After doing some searching, I discovered the thermostats. I also discovered that, since we have a heat pump rather than separate heating and air conditioning units, I got the privilege of spending MORE money on a thermostat. Ah well. I did get a programmable thermostat, however, which should save us money in the long run by allowing me to set it to different temperatures for different times of the day. So that was good news at least.

After the home supply store, it was off to another retail giant to get some basics. Laundry detergent, toothpaste, and of course, those now nearly infamous uniform pants. After some searching for our laundry detergent (because they now put all the free & clear detergents together, instead of with the same brand names - I know, made no sense to me either) which I have to be specific about thanks to Monster Boy's very sensitive skin, it was off to the little boys department for some uniform pants. (By the way, did you enjoy that giant run-on sentence? I know I did!) Much to my dismay, no pants were to be found. After about 20 minutes of digging and coming up with only size 12 Husky pants, I conceded defeat. As a consolation prize, I did, however, score a couple of Halloween costumes for $3 each for Monster Boy to play dress up in.

So now, it is time to make a trip to the dreaded mall. I have no other choice, as I have exhausted all my other store options for these darn uniform pants over the past week. So off we go. We get parked, I get out of the van to get Miss Sunshine out, and lo and behold - my jeans (the already distressed kind) have torn from pocket to knee straight down the front. Joy. As luck would have it, though, we were, as I mentioned, at the mall. So I walk straight in to the department store, straight to the women's clothes, and grab a pair of jeans, which are, as luck would have it, on sale for 50% off. I pay, head for the dressing room, and make a quick wardrobe adjustment. I am, however, pretty upset, as the pair of jeans that are now ruined were my most comfortable pair of jeans. But I don't have time to dwell at this point - it's on to our mission. Since I'm at the mall, I have decided to add another item to my list - black boots for Miss Sunshine. I already possess brown boots for her, but since she has an equal amount of clothes that require black shoes, I want a black pair as well. So off we go on our mission. Three stores later, I finally locate pants for Monster Boy, after a nice associate goes and checks their back room to see if they MAYBE have some in his size, since there aren't any among the six pairs currently on display. As luck would have it, they do, and I buy them out of their stock in his size. (That would be two pairs of pants, by the way). Now off to the shoe store. I find black boots, but not in Miss Sunshine's size. They check THEIR back room. No luck. They do locate in stock boots around the city for me and give me a list and a $3 off coupon though. I hit up another shoe store. This store has black boots in her size, but they do not zip up the side. Um, yeah, there is no way I'm getting imitation Ugg boots on this child that do not zip down the sides. Have you ever put shoes on a toddler? Then you know where I am going with this one. So that was out. Two more shoe stores later, and I am left to wonder why everyone has brown, pink, purple and red boots, but nobody seems to carry black ones. So that is a journey for another day.

So today, I am thankful that my jeans decided to wait to rip until I was at least at a place where I could replace them with jeans that were on sale!

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