Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Of naptimes and other craziness...

You know, being a stay at home mom is radically different than I ever thought it would be.

Before, there were never enough hours in the day, because the majority of them were spent away from my home, at my job. So I had limited time, in the evenings, to get things done.

Now, there just are not enough hours in the day. Every time I turn around, something else needs to be done, and there is nobody else there doing it and somehow it's already time to go pick Monster Boy up from school and head to work, or to the doctor, or to a play date, or to sports practice, or to Grandma's or whatever.

And trying to make time for ME in all of that mess? Forget about it. I'm lucky if I get showered by noon most days. Ah well. In the long run, it's certainly worth it. I wouldn't trade these moments for anything.

BUT. One thing I would trade? My daughters new-found refusal to take a nap. You see, we recently made the transition from crib to toddler bed with her. A bit early, possibly. But someone (cough, cough, Miss Sunshine, cough, cough) decided that it would be fun to try and climb out of their crib. And while I am all for inquisitiveness and exploration - falling over the top of a crib railing flat onto our heads? I'm not such a fan of that. So, we made the decision that it was toddler bed time. Which worked out great for the first few days. Miss Sunshine was SO terribly excited by her new bed, it was unbelievable. And since she is also Miss Independent, the appeal of getting into bed on her own for nap was huge, too. So, she'd climb in, and get settled, and I'd cover her up and give her kisses and off to dreamland she'd go. But then, about four days in, it finally clicked in her head. "Hey, I can get IN the bed on my own, I bet I can get OUT of the bed on my own, too!". And she did just that. And has continued, periodically, to do just that. Mostly on days when Mommy has to go to work in the evenings, which makes for one cranky, whiny, clingy little girl at the daycare center. Which means that Mommy spends roughly three hours a night CARRYING said little girl because she simply cries if Mommy (and ONLY Mommy) is not holding her. SIGH.

I'm trying not to jinx myself right now, because she is actually ASLEEP for nap time today, miraculously. And Mommy has to work tonight. And is praying that she won't have to carry Miss Sunshine everywhere. But is totally packing her sling just in case.

Because, man, my arms are getting TIRED.

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