Sunday, January 17, 2010

Surgery has come... and gone.

Well, I had the best of intentions to update on Miss Sunshine's surgery while we were in Chicago. Unfortunately, the fates conspired against me and I had VERY limited Internet access while we were there.

Everything went WONDERFULLY. I can't say how many times the staff at Shriner's Hospitals for Children were SO wonderful to us. Really. I've never dealt with a more caring staff of medical professionals ever.

Miss Sunshine had the tube in her right ear replaced. I don't have all the details on that as of yet - the ENT had numerous cases that day and wasn't able to come speak with us, but I will be receiving copies of all the transcripts of her surgery so I should have more details on that shortly. The tube that was already in place was either blocked or had fallen out - we don't know.

The plastic surgeon said that her surgery went beautifully. Her cleft was very narrow, according to the surgeon, and they were able to do the repair without much tension, so they expect wonderful results. And, they only had to open up a portion of the roof of her mouth for the extra give, instead of doing a U all the way around like originally intended, so that was good news too! She has been eating like a champ - although now that we are home, she doesn't want much to do with her breast milk or formula. Yogurt and any baby foods watered down so they can go in the syringe, however, are a BIG hit. So while her breast milk consumption is down to around 15 or so oz a day, her other food intake has more than tripled - so I am not too concerned. She is at an age where her breast milk consumption should be dropping anyways, so I think this is more a normal result of no longer have the bottle than anything. She is doing very well with syringe feedings, which we have to continue, along with the arm restraints, for two weeks - then she can have a sippy cup, soft food, spoon feedings, etc. I am hoping to try nursing her once her first birthday gets her, which is February 3rd. My goal initially was to make it to one year with the pumping - so I figure, even though the 3rd is a bit past her two week deadline, I'll continue to pump to that date, then attempt the breastfeeding and if it is unsuccessful, will just be done with the pumping as well. If it is successful, then GREAT!

Anyways, just wanted to update everyone on how she is doing - I can hear her getting very angry at me in her crib, so I'd better go rescue her. I'll try to post a bit more detail, and some photos, this evening!

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