Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's a New Year...

Well, we are here. One week away from our trip to Chicago for Little Miss Sunshine's palate repair. For a day or so, there, we thought we might not even be going, since she decided to spring an Ear Infection on us. But after talking to the doctors, we have been given the go ahead... barring any last minute crop-ups of illness. We are knocking hard-core on wood, hoping to keep all the yuckies away. I have spent so long preparing myself for this, I really don't think I could handle it if we had to postpone for some reason.

The weather has turned FRIGID here in the Midwest. Like, single digit highs, double digit below zero wind chills, FRIGID. And no snow to show for it either - what's up with that? We hopefully have everything that we need so that we won't have to venture out into the cold that is our town right now.

I am trying to keep my panic to a minimum right now, so sorry for not being too chatty... perhaps in a day or so, I will be more in a space to talk. I'm tired, cranky and just generally not myself today - not sure what is going on, if it's the lack of sleep (Thank you, snoring husband) or just stress in general. I've been snapping at Daddy Mac and the kiddos left and right - and it isn't going well, let me assure you. Hopefully things will get better after the unknown of her surgery is over and dealt with... for now, I'm just going to run to the store to grab the last few items we need to make it through until next week (help, laundry detergent!) and maybe take a nice hot bath to relax...

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