Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hello, my name is...

Mommy Mac. And I have a problem. I'm a cloth diaper-aholic! ACK. I have GOT to stop buying cloth diapers! I just love them so much! I never ever in a million years thought I would love cloth diapering the way that I do. But I love it. It makes me happy to know that I am doing my part to save the environment. In theory, I should be saving money as well. In reality, I don't know that I am since I can't seem to stop buying cloth diapers. I now have a stash of 19 gDiapers, 6 BumGenius AIO's, and 3 Goodmama fitteds. I am buying 2 Bummi's covers and 2 fleece shorties from a friend to go with the fitteds, I am going to buy a Goodmama ONE (another AIO)... That will be 29 diapers. I supposed I should buy one more to make it an even 30!

But every diaper has a purpose. The g's are my main diaper. I use them every day. They are AI2's, and I love that if Miss Sunshine just wets, I just pull out my cloth insert and put a dry one in and can reuse the diaper itself. I use the BG AIO's at nighttime, because they seem more absorbent to me. They are also our travel diaper - they are basically a cloth version of disposable diapers, on and off in a jiffy, no inserts to keep track of, just toss the dirty one into a wetbag and go. And the GM's are my new "around the house" diaper. They are SO soft and silky, and super absorbent. A fitted diaper does not have any leak coverage, so once it's good and wet, your baby is good and wet too, unless you put on a cover. Well, Miss Sunshine wore her first GM today, had it on for about two hours and did not wet through! I have been very pleased.

So, in an effort to increase the size of the stash that I probably don't need to do - I bring you another one of my favorite things - GIVEAWAYS! It's a GM giveaway - one fitted and one ONE. You can't pass this up - if you are interested in trying out cloth diapering, or already do it, you should go sign up - I know I am! Check it out here:

Fluff Friday Giveaways at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer!

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