Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy, busy

Well, week one of recovery has come and gone. We are five days away from being free of arm restraints and syringe feeding... it has been insanely busy around here in that time.

Miss Sunshine has started walking as her primary mode of transportation. No more crawling for this chick. However, she refuses to walk in hard soled shoes. So now I am on the hunt for soft soled shoes as she is in between sizes in her Robeez - the 3-6 months sizes are too small. And the 6-12 month are GINORMOUS on her. I'm looking at Pedipeds to see if perhaps they will work for the interim. My worry with those is that Miss Sunshine has the skinniest freaking feet on the face of the earth which is why I prefer the Robeez because they actually stay on her feet. I'm afraid the Pedipeds won't. I suppose we shall see...

We moved Miss Sunshine into her "Big Girl" carseat last week as well. She is still rear-facing and will until at least two (or 35 pounds, whichever comes first - my guess is 2!) if not longer - if she is still tolerating the rear-facing at two, I'll leave her until she no longer is or reaches the weight limit of the seat. But seeing as at last weight check she had barely broken 15 lbs, I don't think we'll be reaching the weight limit on that seat any time soon...

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