Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where does the time go?

As I sat at my dad's house tonight, watching Little Miss Sunshine stand (and stand, and stand...) I thought to myself, "Where does the time go?"

And then we got home and Monster Boy begged to watch "Home Alone" for the 27 Thousandth time in the last week, after much discussion about pizza and pudding and various other things. And he began negotiations - "Okay, Mom, if I do this, and we do this, then can we....?" I thought it again. OH. MY. GOD. My son will be FIVE in less than two weeks. And while I know that realistically five is SO young, it just doesn't seem possible that he can be FIVE! I mean, really. Where does the time go?

We had our first parent/teacher conference today. How is my son old enough for that? Things went well - he still needs to work on listening (big surprise there) and coping with frustration. But he has everything else mastered. His teacher even commented on how smart he is - how accelerated. Which does my heart good to hear. But at the same time - Where has the time gone? The school year is half over and soon it will be time for Kindergarten.

Has anyone figured out yet how to freeze-frame children? Because I want to. My daughter is nearly one. My son is five. I'm not ready for this yet!

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