Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mom, did you know?

Well, yesterday I bragged on Miss Sunshine walking...

So TODAY is Monster Boy's turn!

My child. He is SOOOO smart. Sometimes TOO smart. The things this kid comes up with. He retains things like a sponge. It is just unbelievable to me.

I mean, really, how many 4 year olds use words like "supposedly" and "apparently" on a regular basis in the correct context? He is learning sight words like crazy. I can barely keep up with him. It took him less than a week to learn both our address AND our phone number, he knows his full name, my full name, Daddy Mac's full name, Averie's full name, can spell his first name, and many other things. Daily he just astounds me.

So Friday's are library day at his preschool. Last Friday he brought home a small book about earth - describing the core, crust, magma, etc. So on the way home from school, he tells me that he is going to "read" it to me. I'm half listening to what he says when I hear this - "Hey, Mom, did you know that some people used to think that the earth was flat? Why would they think that? I mean, if the earth was flat, all the places would be squished." He informed me that Daddy told him people used to think the earth was flat. Who knows how long ago that was. The "squished" part he came up with all by himself...

My son is just so smart!

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