Saturday, December 12, 2009

See the pretty lights?

So, even though I have come down with (hopefully) the cold to beat all colds, we ventured out into the crisp winter air to look at Christmas lights tonight. Monster Boy kept trying to point out the lights to Miss Sunshine - nevermind that she couldn't see them out of her carseat! Oh well, it was sweet that he did it.

We also paid a visit to Santa. Monster Boy of course took wonderful pictures, as always. I swear the kid is a professional model. Miss Sunshine thankfully waited until AFTER the photographer took her picture to freak out at Santa - which surprise me. She is so stranger-shy that I fully expected her to freak out as soon as we handed her over and figured we'd have to make do with a screaming baby Santa picture this year. But, while she isn't smiling, she is looking at the camera and not wigging out, so it's all good.

And since I am battling the cold to beat all colds, I haven't wandered my way downstairs to scan copies of said Santa pictures for public consumption yet. However, we will hopefully have them up and ready to go tomorrow and I'll add them on here for you!

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