Sunday, December 20, 2009

Running out of Time...

Well, we had Monster Boy's Birthday party yesterday. It was a resounding success. But totally draining. Running around a children's museum after five five year old boys is draining. He had a blast, and scored a bunch of Transformers - so that is good! I just can't believe he is this big already! Where does the time go?

Miss Sunshine is slowly but surely starting to take more steps. We are just leaving it as it is for now. We did recently discover she LOVES Macaroni and Cheese. So we are hoping that will help fatten her up some. We are keeping our fingers crossed. I want her to gain as much weight as possible before her surgery - which is now only three weeks away! YIKES! I am so nervous for this. I just keep trying to forget that it is getting so close. If I can make it through the holidays, then all will be well.

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