Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bring it back!

Damn. Where is my rewind button for this last year?

Christmas is two days away! How did that happen? Where has all that time gone? I want it back!

Little Miss Sunshine spent all evening WALKING all over our living room. She was even bending down to pick things up off the floor, and then standing back up and continuing to walk. *Sniff* How did that happen? She's still a baby - she's not supposed to be walking yet!

Monster Boy is constantly astounding us with his intelligence. Yesterday he informs us - one more day until Tree is gone (Tree is our Elf on the Shelf). He'll be lost in the basement until next year when he will come out again. Hahahaha. Lost in the basement. This poor kid. His strong desire to BELIEVE is over-riding his natural skepticism. At least he still WANTS to believe. I know I don't have that many years left before he won't want to anymore.

His party was a HUGE success - he had SOOOOO much fun, and all the little boys in his class came. Five five year olds and children's interactive museum time is a bit of chaos. But at least it turned out well. I need to find the camera so I can upload some pics for you all. I have got to get better about that!

Well, I'd better get to bed. Chaos will reign for the next two days around here - and there is supposedly bad weather headed our way to add even more excitement. Wait, make that three days... Oh, no, FOUR. I would love Christmas if it was a nice, relaxing holiday for me, but it isn't. Maybe one year... in the meantime, I shall wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and some good quality time with your loved ones.

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