Thursday, September 10, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck...

I'd have no luck at all...

So, we decided several months back that I would get the Mirena after Miss Sunshine was born. We aren't sure that we want any more kids, but we don't want to do anything permanent about it at this point. I am deplorable at remembering to take the pill, and since I pump, the patch and the ring are not an option because they will cause your milk supply to dry up. Well, I went in two weeks ago to get it placed, and my doctor was unable to get it in. His exact words to me were "Your uterus won't let me in." So he sent me for a sono-histogram. They inflate your uterus with a saline solution and do a sonogram to check for scarring, etc. His theory was that I had adhesions from my c-section. Well, I don't. However, my uterus "turns". Basically, when you aren't pregnant, your uterus lays flat, right? Well, mine apparently folds over on top of itself or something like that, resulting in a very sharp "turn" or "corner" as the tech put it today. Which means that likely they won't be able to place a Mirena because they won't be able to move the "thingy" to insert it past the turn in my uterus. Ugh. So now we have to figure out what we are going to do for birth control.

And we dropped Miss Sunshine's crib tonight - which was a lesson in frustration. It was so easy when I did it for Monster Boy. It's a lot more difficult when you have a four year old crunching ice in your ear while asking 37 million questions about what you are doing, and your 7-month old is screaming bloody murder because her father is doing God knows what except for calming her down. But it's done. It had to be done - I walked in this morning to get her up and she was standing at the rail - and it only came up to her tummy... Thank goodness she didn't do a header out of the crib. Of course, now it will be much harder for me to put her to bed, since I am so short and the mattress is now lower... I can't believe she is growing up this fast!

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