Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey all...

Well, we have been sick around our house the last few days. I think we are finally on the downhill slide of the illness, so hopefully things will start getting back to normal soon.

So last night I had Daddy Mac feed Little Miss Sunshine while I was getting dinner ready. We are really trying to encourage the solids more - she is just barely eating them and we really need her to get the spoon feeding down. Well, he came up with a method! She is so independent, one of the biggest issues we have had with feeding her is her grabbing for the spoon and getting mad when we wouldn't give it to her. So last night, Daddy Mac used two spoons. He'd get food on one and hand it to her - she'd put it straight in her mouth, and while she was eating off of it, he'd get the other one ready to go and then trade them out. He got almost the entire jar of food in her that way - it's the most she's ever eaten at one sitting!

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