Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So we had our first road trip this weekend. The kids, for the most part, did great. Monster boy really enjoyed the car ride - but most especially getting to stop by the side of the road to go to the bathroom (boys....). Miss Sunshine did NOT sleep most of the way, but as a result did learn how to hold her own bottle this weekend! So there is that. I hate when routine gets interrupted though, because the kids are cranky and it just knocks everything way out of whack. We did get Monster Boy to take a nap on Saturday amazingly, but it was a late one and he fought it for so long we wound up having to wake him up in order to make it to the dinner on time. So he was really cranky - he does not do well with being woken up. Miss Sunshine didn't take a single nap all weekend long, and kept herself up until after midnight both nights! She was a total crank by the end of it all, but she did sleep most of the way home in the car at least. She is not a fan of the carseat for extended periods so sleeping pretty much didn't happen. Oh well, live and learn. nd we don't make this particular trip for three more years so it's all good.

We heard back from the ENT finally about Sunshine's appointment. Turns out they can't get us in until the end of July anyways, so she will go back for her hearing test before she goes to the ENT. But I am glad we already have the appointment, instead of waiting to get it made and having to wait ANOTHER month to meet with the doctor. I am nervous about what is coming. I just want everything to be okay and her to not need surgery any sooner or more often than necessary. I'm starting to get more and more nervous about her palate repair too - that they aren't going to be able to get it fixed in one surgery and we are going to have to go back for more surgeries and it's going to delay her speech even further and on and on... and I still have six months before we even set a date for the surgery! It's honestly rather terrifying at this point and I try not to let myself dwell on it too often... It happens some days, and what do you do? You just have to move on from it. I just try to remind myself how lucky we are to even have her, regardless of what is to come. :) That usually helps.

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