Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

So we had a very busy Fourth this year. First it was over to my grandmothers for burgers and brats and a little hanging out. Miss Sunshine cried most of the day and would not take a nap. Lovely. Monster boy had a blast though, running around with his cousin. Then it was off to small town, KS for some REAL fireworks. Monster Boy fell running after a parachute that he lit and scraped his knee. You'd have thought he broke it. Wouldn't walk on it normally for about half the night. Once we got him distracted enough with fireworks, he was fine. Miss Sunshine did much better with the fireworks than I thought she would. The loud booms didn't phase her at all, but the zinging noise of the rockets scared her to death. She jumped every time. I finally put my hands over her ears and that seemed to do the trick. Then it was home again (very late) and to bed. Naturally this did not mean that the neighbors stopped their fireworks. But the kiddos were so exhausted they slept right through it. Today we have had a lazy day, although I just FINALLY got Miss Sunshine down for her nap at 6 o clock. Ugh. I hate the fighting sleep stage, and she is fully in the middle of it. Hopefully we get past this soon because she is anything but Sunshine when she doesn't take a nap. And she went to sleep so late today I can only imagine how bad her sleep schedule is going to be screwed up. But I don't want to wake her up because she so desperately needs the nap. Catch-22. We are all tired and cranky as well. Hopefully I can get Monster Boy to bed early today.

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