Thursday, September 1, 2011

It is that time of year again!

September is Craniofacial Acceptance month!

I'd like to post a note that I posted on Facebook for our first Craniofacial Acceptance Month.  I feel like so much of what I posted then still applies now...

We have joined a group called the Children's Craniofacial Association. Averie's cleft palate is considered a craniofacial anomaly. The CCA has designated September as Craniofacial Acceptance Month, and I am trying to help get the word out. There are so many different craniofacial defects, and while we are blessed that Averie's defect is fully correctable, so many of these kids will go through difficult and painful surgeries, recoveries, and even ridicule over the course of their lives. I think it is important for everyone to spend a little time educating themselves about craniofacial defects and what they could do in their area to help. You can visit the website for more information about their work and the types of anomalies they provide assistance for. They are also selling bracelets similar to the Live Strong bracelets as a fundraiser. If you are interested in purchasing a bracelet (for $1 each), please feel free to contact me. They are available in five different colors - purple, royal blue, lime green, teal and orange. Help us spread the word!

You can find more information on the Children's Craniofacial Association HERE.  

It would mean a lot to us and our family if you would all take a few minutes to just check out what the CCA is all about, perhaps even consider a small donation, or take the time to educate someone else you know about what our children face daily.  

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