Monday, August 15, 2011

The Final Countdown.

T-Minus one week and counting until I am officially a student again.  I'm wondering why in the world I am so nervous about this.  I'm not sure if it's the thought of being so much older than the other students in my classes, or what.  I'm going to be a wreck the first day, I am sure.

Monster Boy starts school the day after tomorrow - I discovered last night that he is nervous as well, and I'm beginning to be more nervous for him.  He seems to be feeling a lot of pressure to do good in school this year.  I'm not certain where this feeling is coming from, because we have worked hard to reassure him that as long as he tries his best, we will be happy no matter what.  I think it's likely because of all the people telling him how smart he is that he is feeling this pressure.  The reality is, my child is extremely intelligent.  At the end of Kindergarten he was testing close to second grade level in reading skills and comprehension.  He can complete some second grade level math, can calculate monetary amounts, tell time, and do all kinds of skills that are well above a child who is just now entering first grade.  I have no worries about his grades.  Rather, I worry about whether or not he will find school stimulating enough, leading to behavioral issues.  Add to that the fact that we still don't know who his teacher will be, and which students will be in his class (there are two K's and First Grades at his school - I am guessing that they will mix the students up a bit this year, and I worry about how he will handle this, even though he does know all the kids in his grade).  Monster Boy has never done well with change, and I fear this is an issue we will face each year at the start of school.  He will start counseling up again once school starts - in fact, I emailed his counselor today to ensure that he will be added to the list.  I know that she will help him with coping skills for change and such.  I hope that things will get better as the year progresses, much as they did last year.  Only time will tell.

Miss Sunshine will be starting Mom's Day Out the first of September.  I am also nervous about how she will do.  She needs this - she is literally attached to my hip, and she needs to be exposed more to being away from me.  I do think this is going to be very difficult for her, however.  That is why we chose the Mom's Day Out program rather than a daycare setting.  It is a teacher she already knows from going to work with me, an environment she is used to, and smaller class size.  Plus, it's only five hours two days a week, so it is not overwhelming for her.  I hope to be able to work my schedule next semester around this as well, so that I can continue to utilize the program (They do not offer classes Monday and Wednesday, so if I have to take classes those days we will have to put her in daycare.).

The next few weeks are going to be big changes all over the place in our household.  I hope we can deal with them all well!

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