Saturday, February 19, 2011

It must be the weather...

Last week we had a blizzard. This week we had record highs.

This morning, it is gray and gloomy outside my windows. It's cool, but not cold. It smells like rain. Normally I love days like these. Today, I just want to go back to bed.

I have been exhausted this entire week. I finally spoke to my manager and told her I can no longer work closing shifts. Even though they are a relatively early shift, they do cause me to miss dinner and bedtime with my kids. And this, in turn, has been causing issues with Monster Boy. It is unacceptable to him that I am not here to tuck him in at night, and he has been manifesting this in all sorts of lovely ways. After much discussion, Daddy Mac and I decided that a minimum wage job was not worth his upset, and I went to my manager hoping to find a resolution that would allow me to continue working. She is working on it for me now, and I am ever so greatful to have a manager who understands the importance I feel at being able to BE there when my kids need me.

We have spent the past week and a half without hot water. After many (failed) attempts to repair the issue ourselves, we finally caved and called in a plumber. Who fixed us right up in about 15 minutes. SIGH. At least we have hot water again! Hooray!

I've been up for over an hour already this morning, and I miss those lazy Saturdays where I got to sleep in. Just a few more years and I'll be able to do that again. I just have to keep reminding myself of that. For now, I think I shall go make breakfast for Monster Boy and I (Miss Sunshine is already gnoshing on pancakes as I type) and then try to rouse up the energy to head to the gym. These morning workouts are becoming more and more important to my sanity. Too bad Monday and Tuesday I'll have to go without since I'm manning Mom's Day Out at work and it doesn't allow time for them. Ah well. Perhaps after I pick Monster Boy up from school I'll head back in for a post-work workout instead.

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