Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello again...

I have been neglectful of late.

Neglectful of this blog.

Neglectful of my laundry (as evidenced by the mountain hanging out in my laundry room. All I've washed recently are the kids clothes. And towels.)

Neglectful of time with my husband. Somehow, there are never enough hours in my day. By the time he and I are home from work, kids are fed and in bed, it's pretty much all WE can do to roll into bed ourselves.

Neglectful of myself. This is a big one. I'm not taking care of myself as I should - physically or mentally. I am stressed. If it isn't about one thing, it's another. I'm sure you all know how life goes. But I manifest my stress in BAD ways. Especially bad for me. I'm a stress eater - I'm upset - I eat. Doesn't help matters that stress naturally affects your metabolism as well. I'm working on it as best I can. But then other sides of life fall by the wayside. Some days I feel like I have lost sight of who I am, who I was, who I want to be.

As our house lays buried in a (deep) blanket of snow (that is still falling...) I find myself spending some time in introspection. About life. And things I want to change, or do, or say, or whatever.

95% of these things will never come to fruition. I am admittedly a master at planning things that I never follow through on. But I'm trying to hold myself more accountable. After our marathon of cleaning two weeks ago, I have managed to keep my house respectably neat. (Well, the kitchen needs some work after this past weekend - but I can't get to my trash can right now. Which is where the majority of the kitchen needs to go...) I'm pretty proud of myself for that, and, as my family can certainly vouch, this is a big step. But there are so MANY more steps I need to take...

Now to find the courage to take the first one...

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