Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Randomness

Miss Sunshine had a WONDERFUL evaluation with her speech therapist on Tuesday. Really, I was so happy with what she said I could have cried. Her therapist came all prepared to start working on all those areas we had been so concerned about at her last visit. And I will have you know that she didn't do ANY of it - because Miss Sunshine had already surpassed anything she was going to work on with her! Music to my ears, literally. So we have a new game plan. We are to start working on phrases with her. Getting her to combine words she already says into phrases.

And Miss Sunshine randomly started saying "Elmo" today. Since we don't have television in our home, I don't know where exactly she learned about Elmo, but she sure the heck knows who he is and knows his name! She is picking things up so quickly these days. I sat down to list as many of her words as I could before the speech therapist came so I could show her where we were at - and she has over 60 words that she says clearly or at least understandably! A pretty vast improvement, considering last month she had roughly 13 understandable words.

Speaking of television (nice segue, no?), I find I am kind of missing it lately. Since Monster Boy is in school and Miss Sunshine takes a three hour or so nap in the afternoons, once I finish up my chore for the day, I find myself at a loss of what to do, and think to myself that at that point it would be nice to have TV so I could catch up on my shows... but until things get on more solid footing, we'll have to settle for watching DVD's already in our possession... It's okay though, because I know that we really don't need TV, and honestly, up until Monster Boy started school, I haven't even missed it!

And speaking of school - Monster Boy is doing great so far! I am so very proud of how well he is doing in school. Now, if only I could get him to do so well at HOME. I know he is tired, which is the majority of the problem. Between getting up so early for school, having a full day of activity at school, and then three days a week coming with me to work where he essentially runs non-stop for 3-4 hours, he HAS to be exhausted. If only I could get him to go to bed earlier. The problem is, he goes to bed at 8 now. If I put him to bed any earlier, with my work schedule, he doesn't really have time to eat dinner! We will have to figure something out. By the weekend, I am sure he will crash hardcore. And this is only the first full week of school! And soccer starts next week! Yipes. I am going to have one very tired little boy on my hands. We will have to figure something out. I don't know what, yet, but something.

Work is going well. I'm finally starting to settle in and am not quite so exhausted when I get home. Watching upwards of 40 kids at a time can be rather exhausting, even when there is four adults there to share the load! Those kids are LOUD! And of course, Monster Boy is always right in the thick of it all. Miss Sunshine has also developed quite the clingy pattern of behavior, but only when I am IN the daycare area. If I take her there while I work out, she runs and plays. And usually while I am working, she'll run and play periodically, until she remembers I am there, and then she wants me to hold her. I know she will get past this - sharing Mommy is still very new to her, and for the most part she does very well. But every once in a while... This too shall pass.

I shall save more of the randomness for another post (because I just know how much you all love to hear me ramble on about things that really don't matter to you! It's why you read my blog, right?)

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