Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm tired again.

Seems like a running theme in my posts these days! Although today I have a legitimate excuse. I am tired in many different ways.

We (Monster Boy and I) woke up bright and early this morning - getting ourselves used to being up for school which starts on Thursday! So, I was up nearly three hours earlier than I had been getting up most of the summer. Then, we had a busy morning of cleaning, followed by a dentist appointment for myself, Daddy Mac and Monster Boy, then more cleaning, then work until 7:30, then dinner, then TRYING to make a new fitted diaper (which has been trial and error - sewing for the first time with cotton velour, while trying to conceal a panel of PUL which is already not easy to sew with, plus elastic. SIGH. I'll try again tomorrow!), then having to go to the airport to pick up my mom, whose flight was delayed two hours... and now back home again and headed to bed... so I am physically exhausted.

I am also tired of my blog layout. So sometime, perhaps next week when Monster Boy is in school and Miss Sunshine is napping, I will be playing around with things and hopefully getting a new set up going...

I am also tired of not having a working dishwasher, although not much I can do about that at this point!

And there are many more things, but really, I'm too tired to list them all right now... (sometimes I just can't resist that whole tongue-in-cheek thing, I admit...)

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