Thursday, August 6, 2009


I am so torn right now. When we first found out I was getting laid off, we sat down and looked at finances and seemed like we would be good. It would be tight, but with unemployment and no daycare expense, we should be okay. Now, this was assuming that my darling husband had paid the house payment for July already. Well, he springs on me today that, OOPS, he didn't pay the house payment for July, so that's an expense we though was already taken care of that isn't. Argh. And then he asks me today if I am wanting to go back to work, because he knows a company here that might be hiring an office manager. I don't really want to go back to work. I want to take some time and be home with my kids. And I had thought that our plan was for me to stay home until after Miss Sunshine's palate repair and THEN start looking for a job. Turns out my husband has apparently started to freak out about me not working and thinks I need to find another job now. The problem is, I need a job paying a considerable amount more than what I was making to make it worth my while to go back to work with the cost of daycare. I am so torn about what the right thing to do it. I told him to get me the info on the job he was talking about - where and salary etc, and we would go from there, but I'm pretty resentful that he has put me in this position now. We have known for two months I was getting laid off - if he was so worried about it WHY didn't he say something about it before now???????? What am I supposed to do?

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