Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not such a good week...

It was a VERY long week this week. Monster Boy decided to push every button I had and then some this week. Then Miss Sunshine decided to pitch one of her SUPER EXPENSIVE special needs feeder bottles out of her car seat while we were at the grocery store. So now I am down to 3 bottles. Lovely.

I did get formally diagnosed with post partum depression on Tuesday, and have started medication to hopefully resolve that. I can't wait for it to kick in. I'm ready to feel like myself again. These last six months have just been so extremely stressful that I can't seem to get my equilibrium back. I'm hoping the meds will be what I need to get back to that point, so that I can enjoy spending time at home with my kids. Because right now, I'm not enjoying it. And I hate that - this is all I have wanted for so long and I really want to enjoy this time because I know it is limited.

On a happier note - Miss Sunshine has learned how to sit up on her own. She has even learned how to get herself into a sitting position - albeit in a very unique way. She will be laying on her tummy and will push her legs up until she is basically in the "downward dog" yoga position. She then walks her legs forward while leaving her face on the ground, until she can't bring them any farther forward, then puts her butt on the ground and voila! She is sitting. It is so cute. I'm trying to figure out how to load the video of her doing it - because I have never seen a baby sit themselves up like this before. And she went from sitting using her hands on the floor to balance herself, to sitting without any kind of support at all in less than a day. It's amazing how quickly they learn things at this age. Up next is crawling - and I expect that to happen any day now. She's so close, if she can just keep her head up - she tends to just lay her head on the floor and then we wind up doing the sitting up trick instead of crawling :)


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