Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's cold (and late!)

I am having studying-induced insomnia.  I bet you didn't even know there was such a thing.  I've been going so long reviewing for my upcoming exam that now my brain doesn't want to turn off.  In a way, it's nice, because it's allowed me to do a lot of studying tonight.  But it's also bad, because now I am going to be exhausted tomorrow, which will not be conducive to more studying.  Sigh.

We are having a major cold snap here today - and watching Monster Boy's soccer game this morning was torturous.  It was SO cold, and Miss Sunshine just kept yanking the blanket that I actually thought to take with us off as some sort of game, so it really didn't help much.  We probably looked hilarious - there was Monster Boy trying to run down the field with his hands in his pants pockets (Why boys can never find their gloves is beyond me - we purchased this child three pairs of gloves last year.  Do you know how many pairs of gloves he has now?  None.  He has three mismatched gloves.), me wrestling with Miss Sunshine to keep the blanket on both of us and her hood up on her head, and Daddy Mac zipping his jacket all the way up and jiggling his legs to keep them warm. 

We finally caved and turned on the heater tonight.  Tomorrow we will have to do more home improvement type things, as we found a leak from our master bath tub into the laundry room today.  Fun times.  It looks like the leak is around the drain, so I'm hoping that we just need to reseal it, perhaps replace the drain kit.  I'm praying that it isn't a crack in the tub itself - I don't see one, but you just never know.  The good news is that the ceiling in the laundry room is unfinished, which means we have an unobstructed access to the leaking drain.  The bad news is that it's going to require a ladder and over head work to get this done.  And neither of us have experience replacing or repairing a bathtub drain.  So this should be interesting. 

I know we are really over due for a picture update.  I will try my best to get some work done on that once I get through my exam this week - the coming weekend is fall break for me so I'm hoping that I can get a day or two of non-school related stuff done, including uploading the several hundred pictures currently hanging out on my camera.

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