Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I took Monster Boy and Miss Sunshine in for vision screenings yesterday.  Monster Boy has been complaining of headaches at school, and has been telling his teacher he can't see the screen.  So, in we went.  Since our state does a vision screening program for three year olds that our eye doctor participates in (meaning it's free for us!) I decided to kill two birds with one stone and just have Miss Sunshine checked out as well.

I was a bit nervous going in.  I myself have HORRENDOUS vision.  I've been in glasses since the third grade, and I went from perfect vision to blind as a bat in a summer's time.  Daddy Mac has also been in glasses since about that age, so we know the kid's risk of needing glasses is high.

Since we were taking Monster Boy in for his complaints, I figured our luck would be that either both kids would need glasses, or just Miss Sunshine would need them, because God has a sense of humor with our family on these things. 

Lucky for us, neither kiddo needed glasses this trip!  Monster Boy did have some slight degeneration in vision - at his last vision test he was 20/10 in both eyes, and right now he is about 20/25-20/30 - still within normal range, and nothing that the doctor felt corrective lenses were necessary for, but it does mean we need to keep an eye on him in the future - as it is likely he will at some point cross that line where he needs glasses.  Miss Sunshine has perfect vision, but is showing some signs of a very slight astigmatism in one eye.  That could also have been due to how fidgety she was during the exam, so again the eye doctor wasn't too concerned and said to just continue to have her screened yearly to make sure all is well.

Monster Boy did have to have his eyes dilated as one test came back strange, but once they were dilated everything tested normal.  Of course, he's been milking the "blurry, light hurts my eyes" thing since then - I wound up sending a note in to his teacher letting her know his vision is fine but that he may be complaining today due to the dilation.

Now to figure out why he is having headaches... I have a theory that it's either A) attention related or B) he's getting overheated during recess.  So we are going to try and watch what time the headaches happen and see if it's consistent with recess times.  He hasn't been complaining as much for the last 10 days or so, and it has been cooler here those days, so I'm fairly confident that it's the heat.

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