Saturday, September 8, 2012

The ears have it.

Miss Sunshine had an ENT visit this week.  Our local ENT wants to see us every six months until she no longer needs the tubes, and possibly longer, depending.  So, in we went.

Her tubes are still in place - amazingly.  Her hearing is within normal range in both ears.  Her left ear was FULL of wax, which she would not let the ENT clean out.  He said we may at some point need to sedate her and clear it out, but for now, it's not interfering in hearing or tube function so we will just leave it.  He did say that he is not as optimistic as Shriners about her not needing anymore sets, but we will just keep watching and waiting.  He also said her tonsils are very enlarged, but he would not remove them because it could affect her palate repair and speech.  She has never had an infection in them, or strep throat, so they are just naturally large (thanks, Daddy!).  We will keep an eye on this as well.  It's ironic, really.  Likely the reason she has done so well with minimal nasal tones in her speech is because of the size of her tonsils!

So that's our cleft update for now.  We go back to the ENT in six months, won't see Shriners for two more years.  We are in the maintenance phase now.

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