Friday, May 25, 2012


It's the first full day for summer break for Monster Boy today.

Miss Sunshine and I are full on the throes of some massive allergy attacks.

I need to update about our dentist visit from Monday.  But that will wait for another day, because I don't feel like doing it today.

We are hiding inside in the air conditioning this afternoon since two of the three of us are not feeling well.  I hate that we've spent the whole day inside, but when you can't breathe, stop sneezing or stop coughing, 90+ degree weather is not where you want to spend your day.

Monster Boy is going camping with his Dad this weekend.  I'm nervous - he's never been to the lake without me, and there will be a billion people there since it's a Holiday weekend.  But, I don't get a say in whether or not he goes, so I've just gone over and over our safety rules with him and I have to trust that his Dad will watch after him.

We are not doing anything exciting for the holiday - Daddy Mac and I both work this weekend.  We will go to our family graves on Monday, to place flowers and such, and then have a small cookout at my grandmothers.  That is the extent of our plans for the weekend at this point.  So, I'll try to make it back here to give some real updates and posts, before the insanity of classes pick up again.

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