Sunday, December 11, 2011


I can't seem to stay caught up on here.  I apologize for that.  (Not that I think that many people are reading or are really bothered by that, hahaha.)

I'm taking ten minutes tonight to breathe before it's back to the grind again.  Tomorrow starts our week of absolute insanity and it shapes up something like this:

Monday:  Daddy Mac works
               Monster Boy has school
               Mommy and Miss Sunshine have Mom's Day Out
               Daddy and Monster Boy have Boy Scouts
               Mommy has to study for Philosophy final
               Miss Sunshine goes to grandma's for the night
Tuesday: Daddy Mac works
              Monster Boy goes to school
               Miss Sunshine has Mom's Day Out
               Mommy has Philosophy Final
               The whole family goes to Monster Boy's school concert
Wednesday:  Daddy Mac Works
                     Monster Boy goes to school
                     Mommy and Miss Sunshine go to work at the nursery
                     Mommy has a Chemistry Final
Thursday: Daddy Mac works
                Monster Boy goes to school
                Miss Sunshine goes to Grandma and Grandpa's
                Mommy has a Psychology Final
                Mommy, Monster Boy and Miss Sunshine go to work at the nursery
Friday:  Daddy Mac works
             Monster Boy goes to school
             Miss Sunshine and Mommy go to Mom's Day Out
             Mommy and Miss Sunshine go for Miss Sunshine's IEP evaluation results
             Monster Boy and Miss Sunshine go to Great-Grandma's
             Mommy and Daddy Mac go to Daddy Mac's work holiday party
Saturday:  Daddy Mac works
                The whole family has Monster Boy's birthday party complete with roughly 20 7 year old guests
                The whole family goes to see Christmas lights with Aunt, Uncle and cousins
Sunday:  The whole family goes to mass
              FINALLY we get a day with no other plans.  Although I am sure something will pop up by then...

Are you tired?  I'm tired just typing it out!  This time of year is just total insanity for our family and it seems like we don't even get a chance to BREATHE until well after New Years.   Between all the school stuff, for both Monster Boy and I, all the work stuff for Daddy Mac and I, all the family Christmas get togethers, Monster Boy's birthday, New Years Eve plans, and all that fun, we are just go go go the entire month of December.   I keep telling myself things are going to get easier and every year they just seem to get busier.  One day soon, I know things will slow down, and then some crazy part of me will probably miss this craziness.  But for now, I'd just like a chance to breathe...

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