Sunday, July 10, 2011

I love my children...

I will not lie - my kids can be hell on wheels some days.  Absolutely.  Today, for example.  Most of the day was pretty good.  Church this morning, where they behaved astoundingly well, went good.  We came home, did lunch, and put Miss Sunshine down for her nap.  Which she did not take - but instead got out of bed, put on shoes, played with her dollhouse, banged toy furniture against her wall, threw her pillows and blankets on the floor and tried to hide under them... well, you get the idea.  Okay, obviously no nap.  So off to the water park we go.  The kids had a BLAST.  It was a scaldingly hot 110 degrees here today - so pool time was an ideal choice.  We had a good time, and headed home for dinner.  Miss Sunshine is in the midst of potty training, which is going fairly well.  She is finally interested in sitting on the potty, at least, so that's promising.  Well, we get home and she decides she needs to go potty - and without telling us, goes in, manages to remove her diaper, puts her little seat on top of the toilet, climbs up and settles in.  And THEN yells at us that she's going potty.  I go in to check on her and get informed that she needs her "Pie-a-see" (can you tell I frequently have to boot my kids out of the bathroom when I try to use it?).  Alrighty, then.  Whatever.  I leave, and go back to the living room - where I have clear view of her in the bathroom.  She spends several minutes in there singing and generally making noise.  And then it gets quiet.  You moms know the kind of quiet I'm talking about - the "your small child is definitely doing something they are not supposed to be doing" quiet that makes you nervous to go see what it is that they have done... So, I bravely venture in to the bathroom, to find my daughter covered in shampoo - which apparently got left on the side of the tub after her last bath.  She has been shampooing her hair while sitting on the toilet.  I mean, rubbing it in and all.  Sigh.  Well, on the bright side, she DID need a bath tonight... (And it only took rinsing her hair four times to get it all out...)

Some days, all you can do is laugh.  

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